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Our March House Of Commons seminar on' Ofsted- A Fresh Start: Issues and Solutions' was a powerful event. Held just after the untimely and devastating news of Headteachers' Ruth Kelly's death it explored different ways to develop accountability systems. School leaders and students who had experience of Ofsted Inspections also attended and spoke

A report on the event is here:

Our recent House of Commons seminar on 'Early Years: A fresh Start-Issues and solutions was very successful. The Speakers: Bridget Phillipson MP, Eli Sunby, Professor Iram Siraj and Dr Kate Hoskins gave clear ideas as to what good practice and strategy should look like in this area. Read Mark Williams' review of the event by clicking on our blogsite tab.

Governance Webinar

Governance 2.png

 Notes and Ppts used.

Monday February 22nd.

Organised by Lizana  Oberholzer.(UEL) This event  explored  the theme of MATS focusing on  concerns and issues and ways forward. Speakers include: Ian Mearns and Chris Waterman. 

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