Reading a Book

The Fabian
Education Reading Group/Real History Initiative.

This is the place where we share our thoughts about books we read together.

In addition our Real History initiative is an opportunity to review and share which books plays/ poetry/ lyrics /films/TV/Art /museums et al have inspired our thinking and would deepen learners' experience in school beyond the current  reductive curriculum.

Our books  for the summer were: Andrew Adonis' biography of Ernest Bevin, Owen Jones: This Land: The Struggle for the Left and  Akala's Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire. At our first September meeting we  discussed these. Thankyou for your  suggestions for future group reads to members that you provided through our recent survey. Our reading book for the October 25th meeting is Keir Starmer: The Road Ahead ( Fabian ideas No 657)

(if you don’t have your paper copy to hand, the document can also be accessed at this external web address which takes you to the Fabian Society website: ) 


Please also send ideas for our Real History initiative  to the members chat below.


More details in the way we will develop this idea to follow.  


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