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Reading a Book

The Fabian
Education Reading Group
Hidden Histories/
Curriculum renewal Initiative.

This is the place where we share our thoughts about books we read together.

In addition our Hidden History /Curriculum renewal initiative is an opportunity to review and share which books plays/ poetry/ lyrics /films/TV/Art /museums et al have inspired our thinking and would deepen learners' experience in school beyond the current  reductive curriculum.

At our January 2023 meeting we are joined by Nick Thomas-Symonds and discussing his recent book 'Harold Wilson- The Winner' Nick,of course,has fulfilled a number of shadow roles over the past few years including the Home office. This session,however,  will focus entirely on Nick's capacity as an historian.









Over the last year and a half we have 

 discussed Andrew Adonis' biography of Ernest Bevin, Owen Jones: This Land: The Struggle for the Left and  Akala's Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire. Keir Starmer: The Road Ahead ( Fabian ideas No 657) Building Bridges: Lessons from Bassetlaw for the Country: Sally Gimson. Fabian ideas no 652.

Maggie Browning and   Robert Lennox's  Political Education in Schools: The case for Citizenship.Young Fabian pamphlet

and  Brian Matthews' Redressing the balance'Fabian Society.




Please also send ideas for our Hidden History/Curriculum Renewal initiative  on the google doc below




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